Chip shop sells ‘amazing’ battered foot-long pigs in blankets just for Christmas

The 12-inch pork sausages, wrapped in bacon, battered and deep-fried is the latest offering from Bestwood Fisheries, in Nottingham, and people are queuing up to buy them

A chip shop has started selling an ‘amazing’ batter foot-long pigs in blankets – just in time for Christmas.

The Bestwood Fisheries and the Jolly Fryer decided to get in the festive spirit and offered something deep-fried, crispy, and even tastier than their customers expected.

Brothers Antoni and Theo Tsiolas are selling the pigs in blankets for just £5.99, and for an extra pound, you can add a Yorkshire pudding to make it a bit more Christmas-y.

The Nottingham based chip shops said that customers have been queuing up around the block to get at the delicious festive treat, as Nottinghamshire Live reports.

Antoni said: “If all the sausages were laid end to end it would reach my brother’s shop. Everyone loves them.

“We sold around 2,000 battered pigs in blankets last year.

“That was at the door as we weren’t allowing people in the shop so people weren’t seeing them in the cabinet and asking ‘ooh what’s that?’

“Being able to see them definitely helps.”

Customers can buy the festive favourite with chips and gravy for £5.99, add a Yorkshire pudding and it’s £6.95, or go the whole hog with the Monster Box – which comes with kebab meat – for £7.99.

Because “everyone is struggling” the prices have stayed the same as last year even though the cost of bacon has rocketed.

Customer Paris Reiv, 26, said: “It’s a good Christmas treat. We always come here. We love the fresh food and there’s always good customer service as well.”

Richard Betteridge, 40, of Top Valley, has sampled them previously and said: “They are amazing. It’s everything… pigs in blankets and Christmas.”