Woman orders pink jumper from PLT but is left baffled when a black dress arrives

A PrettyLittleThing customer was baffled when she received her order for her pink sweatshirt as she claims she was given a black dress instead. She shared the blunder on TikTok

Online shopping can be a Godsend – it saves you time going to the shops and standing in long queues.

But unfortunately, it’s not always smooth sailing – as one woman found out.

Danielle ordered, or so she thought, a pale pink tracksuit sweatshirt from PrettyLittleThing.

But when it arrived she was beyond confused, as she claims to have been given a completely different item.

The Recycled Baby Pink Oversized Sweatshirt, which looks perfect for lounging around in, was apparently replaced with a little black dress.

Although the one-shoulder dress looked lovely, it was much more suited for a night on the town than chilling around the house as Danielle wanted.

Danielle shared a video of her order to her TikTok account, dpbx_, where it has been viewed more than 680,000 times at the time of writing.

She first included a screenshot of the item she ordered and then the black dress she received with the jokey caption: “Pretty little thing at it again cba.”

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 93,000 times and received hundreds of comments from people who found the blunder hilarious.


Another wrote: “They really said, ‘you don’t gotta be lazy, go out.'”

A third commented: “Genuinely thought I was seeing things then,” to which Danielle replied saying she ‘felt like that when she opened the packet.’

“I once ordered jeans and they sent me trainers,” admitted someone else.

One user asked Danielle if PrettyLittleThing even sell the dress she received, and it turns out it does – the Slinky Ruched One-Shoulder Longline Midi Dress.

Danielle made another video showing the dress on their website, where she wrote: “Looks better on the model than me.”

“Nooo they did you dirty,” replied one person.

While someone else said: “I have this dress myself and it’s so so nice in person!!!”